SANSFormation Records

SANSFormation Skydiving Records recognize relative work records within the SANS community. A SANSFormation is accomplished when a group of naked skydivers get together in freefall. SANSFormations are not slot-specific. Each jumper must be a SANS member, however membership can be applied for after-the-fact and made retroactive to the date of the record.


SANSFormation record holders will receive a PDF record certificate and a “SANS Naked Skydiving Record Holder” sticker (115mm x 75mm). There is no charge to submit a record and receive the sticker.


SANSFormation Records also can be retroactive. If 3 SANS members made a naked RW jump 5 years ago, it can be a record providing it meets all of the qualifications.


1. All jumps must be made in accordance with USPA BSR’s or national equivalent for a non-USA record.
2. All jumpers must be naked – Neck to knees, wrist to wrist.
3. Each jumper must be a SANS member, either at the time of the record or retroactively.

U.S. SANSFormation Records

National SANSFormation Records

Individual SANS Records