C. Reichel – Wisconsin

Twas not the greatest conditions for a SANS jump – 47 degrees out with a low ceiling around 6,000 feet and a slight drizzle. But it was the final day this season that was available to me. Having discussed the idea with a licensed SANS member, we decided that it would be a great idea to inaugurate me into the world of SANS jumping. We convinced another couple guys to fill the load, both of whom had already made a prior SANS jump. At 5,500 feet we each left the C-182 one after another for a quick Hop’n’Pop, only naked. Everyone landed in (which cannot be said of another SANS jump that I know of), and was able to get their clothing back on without incident. It is highly recommended to not jump SANS during anything more than a light drizzle as it does sting enormously.

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